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Lake Day Social Hosted by Lindsey Arkangel

We held our first TWS social on October 6, 2018. The event was opened up to members of both The Wildlife Society (TWS) and the UCD Environmental Club in which 41 people, members and officers combined, attended. We spent the morning at a picnic site in Lake Berryessa. We set up blankets for a small breakfast-styled picnic and started off the social with a few ice breakers to get members to meet each other and their fellow officers. Afterwards, we broke up into where some members went birding, while others continued participating in ice breakers, playing board games, hammocking, and/or hanging out at the lake.

Something I really liked about the event was its location. I think I would like to continue having outdoor socials, as not only does it serve as a nice little nature-escape away from Davis, but it also allows members to participate in a variety of activities that would not be possible or not be as fun/inclusive in a more indoor/classroom setting. More than anything though, my favorite part from this Lake Day Social were our members. I spoke to many of them throughout the event and got to know the four that were in my carpool quite well. They are all such brilliant, kind hearted people and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know them. I look forward to seeing their faces throughout the year!

-Lindsey Arkangel, Events Coordinator

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Summer Highlights: Lindsey Archangel

For the first half of my summer I stayed in Davis to take NPB101 and CMN001 while continuing my research internship and job. Then during the second half of my summer, I had the incredible opportunity to travel around Poland with my roommate and some new friends to learn about all things equine. We spent about two and a half weeks traveling from one equine facility to another to learn about different management practices and assess the welfare of individual horses at these facilities. Also, while we were in Europe my roommate and I were able to plan a small trip beforehand to the Netherlands, Germany, and Czech Republic. Overall it has been an incredible summer and I am excited to see what is in store for the rest of the year!

Summer Highlights from our Officers

Summer Highlights: Breezy Scranton

This past summer I went on a two-week adventure “down under” to volunteer at the Walkabout Wildlife Park in Calga Springs outside Sydney, Australia. I studied zoology, wildlife care, and zoo veterinary medicine with koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, wallabies, and all kinds of other Australian wildlife. We also went to Sydney for a day trip to a nearby beach town, explored aboriginal sites in the bush, and went behind the scenes at Targona Zoo. Some of the activities we did at the Wildlife Park included assisting in treatment rounds with Australian wildlife, performing health checks kangaroos and koalas, examining pythons and echidnas, learning to handle and assess possums and bandicoots, creating enrichments for everyone from dingos to cockatoos, and performing veterinary labs such as marsupial necropsies.

After I got back from Australia, I worked at my local small animal veterinary clinic as a Veterinary Assistant. I got to do anal gland expressions, ear flushes, injections, fluid therapy, blood draws, and so much more! I especially enjoyed assisting the veterinarians’ surgeries consisting of eye enucleations, mass removals, dentals, amputations, spays, and neuters! Working with all of these various species this summer made me really excited to become a veterinarian one day!


Welcome to TWS!

Welcome and Welcome Back!

Hi all! All of our officers would like to welcome you to Fall Quarter! Whether this is your first quarter with TWS or one of many, we look forward to seeing you at our fall events! If you have any questions about our club, feel free to reach out to us through the Contact Page. We hope to have a lot of exciting events for you this year so make sure to join our mailing list and/or our Facebook page for updates!


Summer Story Highlights!

Did you have a fantastic wildlife experience over the summer? We’d love to hear about the many ways our members have been involved around the world! Submit a paragraph or two to so we can highlight your summer stories!